CNC Mill

Fadal 4020

Max. Travel: 40" X, 20"Y, 28"Z


CNC Lathe

Daewoo Puma 8S

Max. Turning Diameter. 14.5" X

Max. Bar Diameter: 2" X
Carriage Travel: 7.9" X, by 15" Y
Toolpost Turret: 12 stations
LNS Quick Load Automatic Bar Feed

CNC Mill

 Mighty Viper V950
Fanuc Control
Max. Travel: 40" X, 20" Y, 28" Z

CNC Vertical Mill

SuperMax YC-16-VS

Includes: Anilam Crusader



Manual Equipment List:

Bridgport Mill w/ Power Feed and DRO


ACRA Turn 1340 Engine Lathe


Vertical Saw


Horizontal Saw

CNC Mill

Bridgeport Series 1 Interact 

Inspection Equipment List:

ISO 9001


Granite Plate: 18" x 24"


Mitutoyo Profile Projector


Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage: 24"


Gage: Blocks and Pins in inches


Calipers and Micrometers.